Unique Hand Crafted Fine Jewelry Direct From My Studio In Barcelona, Spain

I am an American expatriate living in Barcelona, Spain.

I became a metalsmith by accident. My daughter wanted a ring, but when I went to try to find one I was very disappointed. All that I could find were Chinese mystery metal pieces, or pieces that were definitely lacking in class or tatse. After months of frustration searching the internet and shops I broke out my torch, piled up a some old broken silver rings, and learned how to forge silver. I liked it so much I never stopped..............

Currently I hand forge jewelry from silver and gold billets - not wire that I buy and whack with a hammer a couple of times for a forged "effect". Each of my rings requires hundreds of hammer blows and numerous annealings to keep the metal soft. Gently coaxing the metal into the shape and form that I have in my mind is my true Zen moment, where the whole world disappears. I both lose and find my inner self in those moments when the anvil is ringing with the rhythmic fall of my hammer. I truly believe that a piece of myself goes into every piece that I produce.

I use recycled material whenever possible. I refine my own gold and silver in house. Every one of my products is 100% handmade in my own studio - billets, wire, solder. I consider every piece of jewelry that I make as an extension of myself - made with thoughtfulness, pride, and craftsmanship. Every piece is as unique as the customers that purchase them.

If you have single earrings from losing one from a set, convo me and I'll be happy to set them into rings for a reasonable price for you!

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